How We Build.

We have coupled precision craftsmanship with quality communication & design so that we can provide you with EXACTLY what you require.

Building from the Ground Up.

We believe in building a relationship with our customers before we even hammer the first nail.

Washington Custom Homes
Washington Custom Homes
Washington Custom Homes

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At Master Works Construction we start with you! Every project begins with sitting down with you personally and scoping out your project to ensure organization and proper planning.

Leading the Future of Construction.


We don’t believe in wasting your time or resources and that is why we always do our utmost to be present at every job consistently on time.



We don’t only produce top-level craftsmanship, we also assist and help in any way possible along the journey; strengthening our relationship.



Years of highly trained professionals, guided by the best methods in modern architecture, design, and craftsmanship, give us the upper hand.


‘‘Our ability to handle such a large variety of projects truly stems from our largely diverse skill set and vast expertise. I don’t consider us ‘construction workers’. We are Craftsmen. We are able to take situations that most people might attempt to complete at their best guess, and finish it with confidence due to our experience and ability. Transforming people’s homes is what we all LOVE doing. It’s why we come to work everyday.’’

- Nick McClellan (Owner)

The Extra Step.

Whether it means cleaning up extra after our jobs, polishing our handrails, or being just plain ole “detail-oriented.” We take pride in the work that we provide to our customers, as should every business. Because we value our work so much, every craftsmen here always does their utmost to showcase their knowledge and experience in the greatest way possible!

Where Do I Start?

If you think you are ready to turn your home into a masterpiece, just let us know. We would love to walk you through the process!